KLJ was selected by the Gordon Airport Authority to serve as the Airport’s engineering consultant for a five-year term. After visiting the Airport and reviewing its capital improvement plan (CIP), we made recommendations for an initial project. This project consisted of using supplemental appropriation funding for the reconstruction/realignment of the existing taxiway, removal of a non-standard connecting taxiway, and reconstruction of the existing apron and taxilane. The project also included rehabilitation (seal coat) of Runway 4-22.



Construction of this 75 working day project began on August 31, 2020. The airport improvements were designed utilizing Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) specifications for paving items, which helped to reduce project costs. Ultimately, concrete pavement was selected as the preferred option over asphalt. Multiple construction phases were incorporated to keep Runway 4-22 open and maintain flight operations during construction.  


Paving was completed in the first week of November and the project was completed by the end of 2020. 




The reconstructed/realigned taxiway provides greater strength and longevity and will remain economical for the long-term. The project prolonged the life of the primary runway by several years and extended the life of the apron and taxiway system by 20 years or more. Additionally, remarking of the runway improves the visual awareness of pilots using the airport which increases safety for pilots and passengers alike. As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) no longer allows for direct taxiway access to runways without requiring a turn, the improved entrance taxiway is now FAA compliant and will increase safety by reducing inadvertent incursions.


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