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Cultural Resource Management

History shapes our environment. Taking the time to thoughtfully and accurately inventory history and archaeology on a project site is what we do. A project component often viewed as what slows us down, is actually the part of the process that allows progress to continue. From understanding the complexities of each detail of Section 106, to completing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, we involve all stakeholders to consider, recommend, and keep projects moving forward. 

Inventories, Evaluations, Monitoring and mitigation

KLJ’s archaeologists and historians provide a strong understanding of historic preservation laws and compliance practices. Our archaeologists work closely with engineers and clients to ensure all historic preservation aspects of permitting are accomplished. The first step in this process is providing inventories and evaluations of cultural resources in a project area. 

  • Archaeological and Historical Surveys (including Class/Level/Phase I, II, and III Inventories)
  • Archaeological and Historic Site Evaluations
  • Historic Architectural Documentation and Evaluation Including HABS/HAER
  • Report of Investigations
  • Section 106 Consultation and Compliance (as part of/National Historic Preservation Act)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance
  • State Historic Preservation Law Compliance
  • Consultation and Coordination with Federal and State Agencies
  • Archaeological and Paleontological Construction Monitoring
Archaeological Excavation

Our archaeologists have decades of experience in conducting excavations of both prehistoric and historic period archaeological sites. We have the expertise required to provide data recovery excavation services in the event they are required as part of your project.

  • Prehistoric and Historic Site Excavation
  • Deep Site Testing/Trenching
  • Assessment of Project Effects
  • Artifact Processing and Analysis
  • Artifact Curation Preparation
Research and Analysis

KLJ’s staff of experts can provide the research needed to properly analyze historical and archaeological resources. Our team of scientists have decades of experience in analysis and presenting research in both cultural resource management and academic settings. 

  • Archaeological Research Designs
  • Historic Research Designs
  • Archival and Historical Research
  • Artifact and Faunal Analysis
Cultural Resource Management Plans

KLJ has extensive experience in preparing management documents to help move your project forward. These documents will provide your project the compliance it needs to move forward while protecting our shared cultural resources. 

  • Avoidance, Mitigation, and Monitoring Plans
  • Inadvertent Discovery Plans
  • Site Testing Plans
  • Cultural Resource Management Plans
  • Historic Property Treatment Plans
Tribal Coordination and Liaison

Tribal Coordination and Liaison incorporates diverse cultural perspectives and alleviates potential concerns that can impede a project. 

By facilitating open communication, KLJ archaeologists identify and document Traditional Cultural Properties (TCPs), helping projects move forward while also respecting culturally sensitive sites, and ensuring their protection.

  • Tribal Outreach
  • Tribal Monitoring Consultation
  • Site Visits
  • Assisting With Consultation Between Federal Agencies and Tribal Governments

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