Engineering, Reimagined

To say a company has evolved implies that it has adapted, transformed, become more efficient, and quick to identify next steps. That’s what’s happening at KLJ. As we approach our 80-year anniversary, we looked back – from a small company working across the Dakotas, to engineering infrastructure across the nation.

Our evolution has helped us solidify our mission to improve the lives of people and communities – by engineering progressive infrastructure. We are perfectly designed to thrive in this environment. Adaptable enough to evolve with the times.

Engineering smart for a solid future. It’s second nature at KLJ.

Reimagine your Career

What began as a small, family firm has evolved into a dynamic leader in engineering excellence. We seek creative, smart, and ambitious professionals who step outside the box and make a difference, every day. From recent college graduates to experts with more than 40 years experience, KLJ attracts professionals from around the world.