Building Strong Leaders

Exceptional leadership is essential to how we operate. We know that in order to retain and attract top talent, quality leadership is essential to create a positive workplace. We focus on continual development within our teams to advance skills and enhance future opportunities for our team members. We know that to bring the best quality to our customers, we need strong leaders, and we work with each employee to help them achieve their fullest potential.



Eric Michel, PE

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Eric joins KLJ with energy and passion for the engineering industry. He brings decades of construction, engineering, and executive leadership to our company, with an enthusiasm for KLJ and its history. A leader with a heart for people and a mind for business, in his role as CEO, Eric is looking forward to helping KLJ reach its full potential by building on the strong legacy and foundation built over the company’s nearly 85-year history. A straight-forward and candid leader, Eric enjoys getting out in the field, connecting with KLJers across the company, and with the clients and communities we have the opportunity to serve.

Greg Clum

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Greg joined us in early 2018 as Chief Commercial Officer. With global experience and extensive industry perspective, Greg leads the identification, development, marketing, sales, and delivery of our engineering and engineering-related services. He puts the customer first — which is why he fits in well at KLJ.

Dan Greenfield

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Dan brings significant experience to KLJ from a leading global manufacturer. He joined us this fall, and we are excited for him to utilize his knowledge of financial analysis and strategy to help KLJ make the right investments to continue growing. His experience will help us meet our vision and contribute to delivering an exceptional experience to all our clients, which is really the bottom line we care most about.

Mark Anderson, PE

Vice President, Environment and Public Works

Mark has been with KLJ for many years, and it has been an amazing career so far. He is known for his knowledge, compassion, and his expertise as a great engineer and leader. Today, Mark is leading multiple market sectors for us and continues to mentor others on how providing an exceptional customer experience can lead to a great career.

Lanny Harris, PE

Vice President, Energy and Natural Resources

With almost 30 years with KLJ Lanny knows the company and what an exceptional experience means to our customers. He’s served a number of leadership roles, including leading our Telecommunication Market for years, and serving as the chief operating officer for one of KLJ’s former subsidiary companies, focused in the oil and gas industry. Lanny’s experience leads him to not only have the technical expertise for a successful project, but believe it or not, he also likes the financial side, having most recently served as our Divisional Finance Director. This is why Lanny is a great fit for this role, not only can he tell you what the technical aspects of a project are he will ensure the project is completed while staying within budget.

Tom Schneider

Vice President, Client Services

Tom focuses on customer experience and business development. He works hard to understand what is most important to our customers. He has created a business development program and team that puts the customers first and brings an energy to the office that creates and fun work environment.

Emily Johnson

Vice President, Corporate Communications and Branding

Emily is the chattiest member of our leadership team, which is fitting as she leads our corporate communications and branding. Paying attention to where and how we are represented, Em works with an awesome team to represent the company in the most creative ways — take a look at our website for an example!

Darcy Volk

Vice President, Process and Systems

Darcy leads our process and systems, and as a lean six sigma green belt spends her days identifying opportunities to make us more efficient as a team. She works to help us keep our brand promise of an exceptional experience by identifying ways we can do things better for the benefit of our customers.

Kristi Spindler

Vice President, Human Resources

Kristi leads KLJ's Human Resources and Safety Group, focusing on employee engagement, performance management processes, and supporting the overall people needs of the company. Years of HR experience in our industry gives Kristi great insight and understanding to what it takes to support our people, our clients, and our company.

Jon Markusen, PE

Production Director

Jon’s been with KLJ for more than 20 years and it’s safe to say he understands our business and knows our clients well. His technical expertise is in transportation planning and design. He’s used that experience to mentor many within the company looking to develop their technical careers. As a regional production director, Jon oversees the Midwest region ensuring KLJ delivers professional engineering and related services and works to help develop our technical talent as they progress with the company.

Jennie Krause, PE

Director, Project Management Office

Jennie began her career with KLJ nearly 15 years ago, and what a career it has been so far! Every day, Jennie brings energy, experience, and enthusiasm to our Project Management Office. Her strong project management background, and cross-discipline experience means there isn’t much Jennie hasn’t encountered on a project. Her focus on developing strong technical project management processes and capabilities allows the company to continue to evolve, grow, and deliver progressive infrastructure solutions to communities around the nation.

Troy Clark

Safety Director

Troy leads the safety efforts for our entire company, with a specific focus on project and worksite safety. He holds multiple national safety certifications and leads employee safety programs across the company. Safety is a key aspect of who we are, and getting people home safely at the end of each day is our goal. Every person, every project, every time.