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Tribal coordination and strategic planning

Experience and history matters, and we bring both to every project. The voice and identity of the client shapes the project’s direction, and understanding the balance between opportunity, development, and culture must be maintained through the project lifecycle. We appreciate the unique aspects each Tribal Nation brings to projects. Working with Tribal Nations over our history has provided an opportunity to create shared value – learning from each other, the best ways to communicate, coordinate and collaborate through each project.

Agency Coordination

Projects are better when all voices are heard. Our experience is agency and organization coordination mean you will be part of projects and discussions that impact your communities. Knowing that projects run smoother when the right people are at the table from the beginning, we will coordinate every step of the way to keep you informed and in contact with project decision makers.

  • Agency identification and coordination
  • Public Input
Grant Writing and Funding Identification

Funding is a critical aspect to meeting community goals and visions. Understanding how and where to identify funding opportunities can be time-consuming and frustrating. Let us take care of the details – even down to the grant application process to help keep your project funding moving forward.

  • Transportation Funding
  • Infrastructure Funding
  • Capital improvement Projects
  • Grant Applications
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA
Strategic and Comprehensive Planning

Creating a vision for your community solidifies your future direction. We can help guide your planning, ensuring you are taking into account your future infrastructure needs, balanced with available funding and growth opportunities.

  • Economic strategies


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