Professionals for the project were hand-picked from across the United States and Canada to form a team ready to address the project’s various complex issues. Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir on the Missouri River formed by construction of Garrison Dam. The lake can reach depths up to 90 feet at this location, resulting in significant ice and wind loads on the structure. The depth, ice loading, and relatively soft bearing soil resulted in challenging foundation design.



Steel and concrete bridge alternatives were designed and detailed for competitive bidding. Although the concrete alternative was constructed, KLJ was responsible for most of the steel alternative structural design, as well as providing management and coordination. Additional services provided by KLJ included:



Throughout the entire National Environmental Policy Act and Context Sensitive Design processes, there have been close to 200 individuals from the Three Affiliated Tribes involved in nurturing the project and guaranteeing that the finished bridge would utilize Native American culture to reflect a design that is truly context-sensitive.

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