Montana Delivering Local Assistance Infrastructure Grants

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Montana Delivering Local Assistance Infrastructure Grants

The Delivering Local Assistance (DLA) Program was created in 2019 to support communities impacted by natural resource development. The program focuses funds toward needed investments in facilities and other community infrastructure priorities across Montana.

Eligible projects are those infrastructure projects that solve a deficiency related to the following project types: drinking water systems; wastewater treatment; sanitary sewer or storm sewer systems; solid waste disposal and separation systems (including site acquisition, preparation, and monitoring); bridges; facilities for government administration; public safety infrastructure related to law enforcement, fire protection, or emergency services, or school district infrastructure projects. School district projects must be related to life safety or security issues; for major repairs or deferred maintenance in an existing school facility; or for major improvements or enhancements to an existing school facility.

Applicants must be ready to proceed with project activities beginning October 1, 2019. If projects have already commenced, but are not completed, construction or other project activities must have begun no later than January 1, 2019.

Eligible Applicants: Local governments, including incorporated cities or towns, counties, consolidated local governments, Tribal governments, or multi-county water, sewer, solid waste district, school district or authority. Applicants must be able to demonstrate an impact to an existing or future population caused by a growth or decline associated with coal, oil, gas, or timber development within the county where the local government is located and must have recorded production taxes of coal, oil, or gas, or total timber harvested as reported by the Montana DOR, and/or Montana DNRC.

Minimum/Maximum Grant Request: $750,000 per project and $1.5 million per county (as applicants may apply for multiple projects)

Match: Match is not required but is encouraged and may include any federal, state, or local funds.

Deadline: September 30, 2019

Contact:  For further information or assistance in applying for funding opportunities, contact KLJ at 701-355-8400.