Five Steps to Apply for a Kansas Back to Business Broadband Grant

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Five Steps to Apply for a Kansas Back to Business Broadband Grant

The Kansas Department of Commerce is opening applications for their Back to Business Broadband Grant program on Wednesday, August 19 at 12 p.m. In this article, we’ll walk you through the five steps to apply for these grants so you can submit your application with confidence.

  1. Determine your grant eligibility
    • The first step in the grant application process is determining if your business is eligible to apply. Each grant has specific criteria for application, but some general criteria for broadband-related grants include:
      • Being an Internet Service Provider or Kansas city, county, or non-profit
      • Having the technical and financial capabilities to complete the proposed project by the December 30th deadline
      • The project follows CARES Act requirements
      • An understanding of the needs of the proposed service area and a plan to improve connectivity in that area
  2. Decide which grant to apply for
    • There are two broadband-specific grants available through the Kansas Department of Commerce; The Connectivity Emergency Response Grant and the Broadband Partnership Adoption Grant. Both grants aim to improve connectivity in the wider Kansas community, but each has its unique characteristics.
      • Connectivity Emergency Response Grant
        • This grant aims to address the increased need for internet connectivity in Kansas as a direct effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects submitted for consideration should improve internet connectivity in unserved and underserved areas of Kansas to meet the needs of telework, telehealth, distance learning, and other online activities. Projects must be submitted by August 27, 2020 at 2 p.m. CST for a maximum reward amount of $10 million. ​​​​​
      • Broadband Partnership Adoption Grant
        • This grant specifically addresses the needs of low-income households by partnering with Internet Service Providers to leverage existing adoption infrastructure in getting as many Kansans online as possible. This grant also aims to meet the needs of telehealth, remote working, and remote learning environments. If you are looking to apply for this grant, you must already be offering services in Kansas and be able to immediately determine low-income household eligibility for the program. ISPs must also specify how the grant funds will mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
        • No matter which grant you decide to apply for (or if you decide to apply for both), applications are reviewed on a rolling basis after the August 19th opening date. If you do plan to apply for both, remember that a separate application must be submitted for each grant.
  3. Gather your documentation
    • If you decide to apply for the Connectivity Emergency Response Grant, there are additional documents you will have to provide when applying. These documents include:
      • Project summary
      • Map showing the proposed service area (this broadband map can help you select a potential service area)
      • Evidence of need, plus a technical evaluation
      • Evidence demonstrating the scalability of the project
      • Evidence of your business’ experience building and operating broadband networks
      • Project milestones
      • Project budget
    • Once you have gathered these documents, you are ready to apply. If you are planning to apply for the Broadband Partnership Adoption Grant, please note you may be audited to determine the accuracy of your application numbers (past revenues, etc.).
  4. Have a Professional Engineer Review Your Project Before Applying
    • The Kansas Department of Commerce recommends a Professional Engineer review your project before you apply. This is where we come in. At KLJ, we pride ourselves on being a leader in telecom infrastructure, planning, and construction. We believe in creating networks without boundaries. Our expertise is focused in several areas which include network planning and design, telecommunication engineering, and network management services to seamlessly connect you. To discuss the scope of what the review contains, email Matt Warder at
  5. Apply for a Grant – Time is of the Essence! 
    1. Once you are ready to apply, head to the Kansas Department of Commerce website. Remember that Connectivity Emergency Response Grant applications are due by August 27 at 2 p.m. CST!

KLJ will utilize the latest technology and project management skills to ensure the engineering side of your project is done right, all while delivering an excellent customer experience you expect.

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