Federal Stimulus Funding Available for Infrastructure Projects

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Federal Stimulus Funding Available for Infrastructure Projects

United States Congress has implemented multiple phases of a stimulus package to alleviate the economic burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. Infrastructure funding is included in this package and must be used by the end of 2020. Currently, funding is available to cover state, federal, and Tribal government mass transit, airport, passenger rail, and municipal infrastructure as well as loans for states and municipalities. Additional funding is anticipated during future phases of the stimulus package, including funding for water/waste water and broadband (telecom) projects.

Infrastructure is critical to the needs of our communities and recent unforeseen circumstances may have created obstacles – such as unintended expenses, reduced manpower, and project delays – that hinder the ability to carry out your infrastructure plans. These factors can interfere with your project’s scope of work and timeline and during these times, it can be important to affirm, or recreate the vision for your project that aligns with your overall plan.

Even when plans change, there is opportunity in every challenge. The intricate process of navigating and applying for federal programs can be overwhelming at times, and we are working diligently to understand the available funding, so together, we can assess and prioritize needs, prepare thorough plans, identify and apply for funding, and produce exceptional results that improve the lives of people and communities.

Your projects are important, and many may be able to take advantage of this congressional program to facilitate project development at any phase. We know that you may have questions during this time of uncertainty and KLJ can help you find the answers. We can assist with project planning, preparing funding applications, and even expediting current projects that may qualify for relief under the stimulus package. Progressive infrastructure is a vital aspect of a resilient community and your projects help communities thrive.

If you have immediate, short-term, or long-term infrastructure needs, contact us for funding guidance.

David Sedbrook and Becky Bey are both Government Relations Specialists at KLJ. Dedicated to supporting clients through helping identify and pursue funding opportunities, they are excellent resources to help navigate the stimulus funding and connecting you to technical project resources across KLJ. They can be reached at David.Sedbrook@kljeng.com or Becky.Bey@kljeng.com