How to bring ideas to life through design visualization

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How to bring ideas to life through design visualization

When imagining the future of a complex engineering project, it can be difficult to picture all of the steps and the end result. It can be even more difficult to explain the proposed changes to community members, project partners, and other stakeholders. Using design visualization to enhance your project communications can make the process quick, easy, and informative while effectively telling the story of the project. In this three-part series, we will discuss how design visualization can take your project to the next level.  

What is Design Visualization?
Communication. Storytelling.  
We take complex ideas and translate them into easy-to-understand visual experiences for all stakeholders. KLJ Design Visualization can take a design and help visualize what the project could look like once completed, or it can be used throughout every stage of the project as a design tool where stakeholders can make decisions based on visualizations of the current design.

Design visualization of interstate and overpass.

How are ideas communicated with Design Visualization? 
Design Visualization brings ideas to life through renderings, animations, physical models, and interactive real-time experiences. In each one of these visual tools, additional types of communication can be incorporated to enhance the experience. These include labels and captions for further explanation of a rendering, voice-over narration for a guided tour, and finally being able to physically move around in a virtual 3d space.

Design visualization of highway with callouts.

At KLJ, we’re experts in design visualization and how to use it when communicating the details of a project to stakeholders. To learn more about our design visualization capabilities, contact Chris Harris at