Classes Resume for KLJ Summer Interns

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Classes Resume for KLJ Summer Interns

Although the official end to summer isn’t for a couple of weeks, we’ve recently had to say goodbye to many of our summer interns. For some, it was their first summer, for others, it’s their third, even fourth. 

Jarrett Lardy, an intern with our corridor services team, tells us that he was looking to gain new experiences in the private sector that he previously did not have. ” I was able to widen my skillset by working with new people, places, and tasks that I didn’t think I had the knowledge or capability to do so.” Some of the major projects he assisted with were the Dakota Skipper butterfly habitat surveys, migratory bird surveys, and vegetative sampling at the Coteau coal mine. “I really liked the diversity and the interaction with clients.”

Jarrett knew that while leaving KLJ, he would take with him new friends and an abundance of knowledge and experience. “It felt good to have accomplished a lot in the summer with what felt like so little time.”

We’re grateful for the time and work that our interns and all seasonal staff put in to help us deliver an exceptional customer experience and we wish them well!

Pictured above is Jarrett looking over Lake Sakakawea while on the Dakota Skipper butterfly survey.